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David Baron Stevens as a
Guest Entertainer/Headliner


California native David Baron Stevens brings his World Jazz Show to the UK, blending rhythms from around the world with your favourite tunes. You’ll hear anything from well-known classical pieces by Bach, to famous show tunes, jazz classics, and even rock hits—all presented with a tinge of world music.

Unison Saxophone Artist David Baron Stevens is the product of a blend of various cultures. The product of a Salvadoran immigrant mother and a Romani father. Born and raised in the United States, he was surrounded by so many different languages, foods, and music from all corners of the Earth. His music reflects this diversity and regardless of his audience’s background, there will be something for everyone who hears his show.

Expect to hear powerful saxophone solos, followed by delicate Bossa Nova music sung in Portuguese, a gentle ballad sung and played on the piano, and then be serenaded by his passionate bolero sung in both English and Spanish. Not only will he blow you away with his saxophone, but he’ll also draw you in with his sweet classical tone. His goal is to effect your emotions so that however you felt upon entering the theatre, if he’s done his job right, you will feel much better upon leaving.

David Baron Stevens has 17 years of experience in cruise line show orchestras, degrees in Vocal and Instrumental performance, as well as decades of training in percussion and sound engineering. He has the ability and experience to communicate freely with all the various crew members involved in his shows, whether tech and sound crew, or drummers and the other show band musicians. This will ensure a quick and painless rehearsal as well as a stellar performance. He also can empathise with the various jobs required to produce a show, as he has performed many of such positions over his career on land, and never expects anything from anyone more than he would be able to do himself. He personally writes all the sheet music he uses on stage. Orchestra musicians will appreciate this, not only due to the fact that he has real orchestra professionals edit each part before printing, but also because it gives the audience a refreshing change from the off-the-shelf arrangements the majority of UK performers bring on ships. David Baron Stevens endeavours to treat everyone with the honour and respect they all deserve as professionals. You can expect a show from David Baron Stevens to not only uplift his audience, but also those with which he shares the stage.


A typical David Baron Stevens set list will include such pieces as:

  • All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern) – Great American Songbook – Saxophone
  • But For Now (Bob Dorough) – Ballad – Vocals & Piano
  • The Girl From Ipanema – Bossa Nova – Vocals in Portuguese and Saxophone
  • Beautiful Maria of My Soul – Cuban Bolero – Vocals in English & Spanish
  • Aria (Eugene Bozza) – French Classical Piece – Saxophone
  • Two-Part Invention in d Minor (J.S. Bach) – Modern Jazz Arrangment – Saxophone
  • Summertime (Gershwin) – Modern Jazz Arrangement – Saxophone
  • Georgia On My Mind (Hoagy Carmichael) – Gospel-Style – Saxophone
  • Do It Again (Steely Dan) – Latin Jazz Encore – Saxophone

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